Introducing Cryo-Motive

Californiaclassix' cars have always boasted a sparkling clean undercarriage. Achieving this often took a week or more on the lift, using a high-powered hot-water pressure washer and a multitude of cleaners and brushes.

When dry ice blasting technology became available in the United States, we knew it was exactly what we needed to take our cars to the next level. We have used it successfully on our own vehicles for the past two years, and have now gained the experience needed to offer this game-changing technology to our customers. Our new division, Cryo-Motive, offers full service undercarriage cleaning and detailing to customers who demand the best.

Dry ice blasting automotive undercarriage
What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry Ice Blasting was developed to clean military and aircraft components without having to disassemble them, hereby enabling enormous savings in labor and related expenses. It is now used for a multitude of industrial applications, including the deep-cleaning of undercarriages and engine compartments of classics and collector cars.

Dry ice is recycled solid carbon dioxide (CO2) -- part of the air we breathe -- cooled down to 109 degrees Fahrenheit. We use it in form of 3mm small pellets which are cut down to as little as 0.3mm (0.0118"), then blasted at supersonic speeds to the undercarriage's surface where they sublimate on impact, lifting dirt, wax, and contaminants off the underlying area.

Dry ice cleaning is non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-toxic, and non-flammable and can therefore be used safely on electronic components as well. It is also chemical free, water free and does not create secondary waste streams. It is approved as a cleaning media by the EPA, FDA, and USDA.


Dry ice blasting automtive engine before Dry ice blasting automotive engine after

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How Much Does It Cost?

Dry Ice Blasting requires a large upfront investment, including a high voltage electrical system, a powerful variable-speed air compressor, a large air storage tank, a refrigerated air dryer, and the ice blasting equipment itself, in our case the Cold Jet Aero 2 PCS60, the best and most versatile machine of its kind in existence. With an initial cost of almost $100,000, less than a handful of companies in California offer this service to classic automobile owners.

While Dry Ice Blasting is not inexpensive, compared to the traditional process of taking a car apart and cleaning each component separately, it can be considered a bargain.

Every car is different and the cost may vary, but as a guideline a full undercarriage treatment starts at $1,750, with an additional cost of $375 for the engine compartment. We also offer a show detailing of these areas afterward and can get your entire vehicle prepped for show or auction if so desired.

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Dry ice blasting automtive undercarriage before Dry ice blasting automtive undercarriage after

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Watch us in Action

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