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1973 Porsche 911T Targa 3.0

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Porsche's Long Hood 911s, built between 1965 and 1973, are among the most iconic sports cars in history.

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Of those Long Hood 911s, the '67 911R, the '73 911RS, R-Gruppe cars, Outlaws, and the "re-imagined" Singer cars stand out as they provide a greatly enhanced driving experience. However, their increased fun factor almost always comes with a highly elevated price tag.
Not so here!

The 1973 Porsche 911T Targa 3.0 featured here, a car from the final production year, has been transformed into a Porsche that provides maximum bang for the buck, but at a greatly reduced price of entry.

VIN *9113111172*, is now powered by a 3.0-liter Euro spec engine, coupled to a Typ 915 5-speed transmission, and features many performance goodies that enthusiasts who want to drive their 011s appreciate.

The car comes with a 1-1/2 inch thick binder that contains 46 chronologically ordered service documents, dating back over 25 years. The first invoice is dated December 9, 1998, at which time the previous owner purchased the car with 19,029 miles on the clock.

Latest service document shows a major engine service at 70,060 miles to the tune of $3.970.35 as well as a full brake service at 72,021 miles to the tune of $4,053.49.

The exact specs for engine, fuel system, ignition, transaxle, suspension, and brakes are detailed on 3 typed pages.

Five-digit odometer now shows 72,080 miles, which reveals that this Porsche has been driven 53,051 miles in 25-1/2 years, or 2,080 miles annually, on average.

Let's inspect the car in more detail now, starting with the trunk, which features a brand new OEM trunk carpet kit.

We also splurged on a brand new -- very expensive -- Porsche blower cover, and a new battery.

Healthy smuggler's box, "re-newed" fuel tank, perfect nose and suspension pan!

Porsche's body is straight with no sign of previous rust or accident damage. Stance is just 15mm below stock European ride height, low but not so low that it's uncomfortable.

Above: close-up photos of the body. There is no rust, not even in areas commonly hidden from view.

Once the red-headed step-child of the 911 family, now more and more enthusiasts appreciate the Targa's versatility. With the top in place, the Targa is almost as solid as a Coupe, and with the Targa top removed and stored in the trunk, the Targa provides almost as much open air fun as a full-fledged convertible.
The best of both worlds!

Targa top is in "like new" condition, inside and out, with a new Targa Top seal to boot.

The car has 22mm front torsion bars, a turbo sway bar with poly-bronze bushings, Turbo tie rods, and bump steer bushings in front. Out back it has 28mm torsion bars, a Weltmeister adjustable sway bar, Netrix spring plate bushings, and Elephant banana arm bushings.
Brake system consist of improved SC parts with power assisted master cylinder and calipers.

Stock 15" x 6" Fuchs alloys feature powder-coated centers, and have been shot with Bridgestone Potenza RE950 tires in the dimension 195/65R 15H.

Porsche Bahia Red paint, combined with black trim and just a small amount of chrome, namely on headlight bezels, bumper and rocker decos, as well the wheel rims, give the car a consistent, very sporty look with a small splash of elegance thrown into the mix.

A special treat is the very fresh interior!

Brand new, RS-style door panels feature red pulls.

Porsche cockpit features a suede MOMO steering wheel with matching MOMO shift lever, mounted to a short-shift kit, as well as Singer-style Pepita dash trim.

Note that the speedometer reaches all the way to 180mph, about 290km/h.

The RS-style Perlon carpeting is new.
Genuine Porsche seats feature red Pepita inserts, black suede panels, and black vinyl rears. The are firm and in "perfect" condition.

Above close-up photos showing the seats in more detail.

Rear seats show full RS treatment.

Note the now super rare, adjustable body reinforcement bar, designed to eliminate body flex.

Stock appearance with the small, '73-only Euro bumper guards.
All lights work.

Let's check out the engine compartment now, shall we?

Motorvation comes from a 1982 Porsche 3.0-liter Boxer that was fully rebuilt in fall of 2003. It was installed in July of 2006 at 56K miles.

The engine is based on a 930/16 short block with 9.1:3 compression heads and has ported intakes to match the 44mm Euro intake runners. Intake/injection is a 1983 ROW K-Tronic. A long spec sheet detailing all internals comes with the car.

Air boot, intake runner sleeves, ROW fuel distributor with steel fuel lines, fuel injectors, cold start valve, thermo switch, control pressure regulator, auxiliary air valve and pressure accumulator were all replaced with new parts.

The Typ 915 transmission was rebuilt in March of 2000 at 48K miles. It's filled with Swepco and shifts perfectly through a short shift kit. A new Sachs power clutch kit with aluminum pressure plate amd rebuilt clutch linkage with bronze shift bushings and new axle shafts and rear wheel bearings complete the picture.

The engine runs exceptionally strong and the transaxle shifts hyper precise with an audible "click." There are no fluid leaks of any kind either.

The undercarriage of this car is exceptionally well preserved with all original metal. The suspension pan is simply perfect, and so are the floors and the rockers. Given that this Porsche is now 51 years old, that's simply remarkable!

It's no secret that early Porsche 911s provide a purer, more direct driving experience than their more modern siblings, and this one is no exception.

With more power on tap than even a stock 1973 911S, bordering probably on 911RS territory, this light car accelerates fiercly yet thanks to its bullet-proof Bosch K-Jetronic without much fuzz and sounds great doing it.

Riding is firm, handling is spot-on, steering is direct, and the upgraded, SC-derived brakes are top notch!

This is no 911 for the purist, the enthusiast who admires his numbers matching treasure in the garage and likes to take it to car shows. It is a car for the man who wants to drive it, enjoy every mile of it, and put it away wet after hitting a rain shower. The man who doesn't mind a rock chip in the valance or a splash of dirt after a workout in the twisties, just like Magnus Walker does!

If that is you, this '73 will make a great companion to have, at a price that's on the lower end of the spectrum for a car that needs nothing but a new owner.


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