Amazing Survivor:

1975 Cadillac Fleetwood
Brougham d'Elegance

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It's hard to pin-point the zenith of the BIG Cadillac Sedan. Was it 1959 when it had the biggest fins, 1975 when it had the biggest body and the biggest engine, or 1992 when the last and most refined Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham was manufactured?

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What we know is that the 1974 to '76 Cadillacs were among the largest ever built, powered by a massive 500 cubic inch engine, the largest ever put in any Cadillac automobile to this day.

This particular Cadillac Fleetwood d' Elegance is such a car, and it's an genuine survivor in the true meaning of the term.

VIN *6B69S5Q133643* was first sold on November 13, 1974 by the Dixon Cadillac Company in Hollywood to Executive Car Leasing Company in Los Angeles.

The second owner purchased the car in September of 1976 and kept it for the rest of his driving days, all the way to 2024. In 1982, he got married to his second wife, and added her to the Certificate of Title, the old "pink slip."

Now aged 86 and with progressing Alzheimer's, he is no longer able to drive, put his San Dimas, Calif. home on the market, and moved in with his son out of state.

The car comes with multiple original documents pertaining to the purchase.

Also included are the original gold keys -- yes, this is a factory gold key car -- and even two un-cut blanks in the original box.

The car still carries its early, 6-digit, California license plates, front and back, and the registration has been kept current.

Five digit odometer shows 29,326 miles; it has turned over once, so the original mileage is 129,326, which translates into 2,612 miles per year, on average.

The dataplate riveted to the firewall tells us that this car came originally with "Monarch Blue Poly" a.k.a. Commodore Blue metallic paint (code #29), with a dark blue vinyl top (code #29T) over a "Dark Blue Medici Cloth" (code 29G) interior.

Let's check out this dinosaur in more detail, starting up front with the engine compartment.

Hood carries a very nice hood pad, almost too good to be the original one.

Motorvation comes from a 8.2-Liter V8 engine that starts on the button and runs smooth as silk. It's totally understressed, delivering a mellow 210hp and a gigantic 515 N-m of torque at only 2,000 rpm!

The engine doesn't show any signs of ill behavior. It's built to live "forever."

Let's turn our attention to the body now.

The car has never been apart, never had any rust and never had any accident damage. It is straight as an arrow, with proper gabs on hoods and doors.

Above photos show the body in more detail.

The car was repainted many years ago in the original color, but vinyl roof and interior are all original from 1974.

Original wheels are beautiful preserved as well, and shot with P235/75-15 radials that have lots of thread life left.

Let's move on to the interior, shall we?

The Fleetwood Brougham provides plenty of seating space for 6 adults.

All of the upholstery is factory original and in amazingly preserved condition.

Matching headliner and sun visors are original as well and . . . you've guessed it, without a flaw.

The massive dash shows some heat-induced cracking in the skin, so the owner did what many Californians did: he installed a color-matched fitted cover over it.

Above photos show the interior in more detail.

Let's open wide!

Beautifully preserved door panels; all lights and switches work.

All the exterior lights work as well, and so does the power trunk.

Fully carpeted trunk contains a lot of goodies, all of which are included in the sale.

Original Cadillac Crest rubber mat on top of the trunk carpeting.

There's a custom-fitted car cover, still in the original box.

Undercarriage is typical of a car that has always lived in the mild California climate. There's no rust, nor are there repairs of any kind.
When looking at these photos, keep in mind that the car will be celebrating its 50th birthday coming October!

It's big, it's beautiful, it's typical American. So how does it drive?

Like on clounds!

It's easy to forget how different big Cadillacs of olde drive, compared to the modern offerings of the automotive world. The abundance of torque makes this dinosaur glide along with ease and in utter silence. Gear changes happen at low RPM and are almost imperceptible.

Steering and brakes are operated with ease. The purpose of this car is to transport its occupants in utter comfort from one destination to the next, and I can think of few vehicles that can do this better than this Cadillac de Ville Brougham d'Elegance.

It's one of the greatest cars of time's past, the time when "standard of the world" still had a meaning, it's utterly affordable, and it's made to last forever.
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