Buyers' Guide

Buying, owning, and maintaining a classic car should be a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, quite a few dream cars turn into rolling nightmares rather quickly. To help prevent this from happening to you, we are assembling this work in progress: Californiaclassix' Buyers' Guide. A compilation, directly from the school of hard rod knocks. We are two dyed-in-the-wool car nuts with almost 50 years of combined experience, living our dreams and playing with our second favorite toys: cars.
This Buyers' Guide contains almost everything we have learned about classic cars in 12 easily digestible chapters.
The truth . . . nothing but the truth!

Updated on Wednesday, February 22, 2012.

The 12 Secrets to Happiness
According to Gyro Gearloose
Chapter 1 Don't buy a rusty car
The Barracuda story.
Chapter 2 Buying a car on the Internet
What to look for when buying a car on the Internet.
Chapter 3 One man's junk is another man's treasure
What floats your boat?
Chapter 4 British Roadsters
The Purest Form of Open Air Motoring
Chapter 5 What makes a car a future collectible?
Chapter 6 Porsches
What to look for when shopping for an air-cooled 356, 912, or 911.
Chapter 7 Diesels
Why buy a hybrid, when you can have a Diesel?
Chapter 8 Which Diesel to buy?
An insider's view into various Diesel vehicles.
Chapter 9 It'd better be a little worn
About Patina.
Chapter 10 Sellers' red flag expressions
A glossary of terms.
Chapter 11 Use it or lose it
The garage is for parking, not storing your car. The SL story.
Chapter 12 Don't give up your hopes on finding your dream car
The Goggomobil story.

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