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1984 Pininfarina
Spider Azzurra!

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Featured here is a 1984 Pininfarina Spider 2000 Azurro.

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This is a car from the post-Fiat era, when Fiat decided to abandon the 124 platform and its design firm, Pininfarina, took over and offered it as the Pininfarina Azzurra during the last three production years of 1983, 1984, and 1985.
Consequently, the car carries no Fiat badges, but Pininfarina badges instead.

This California car was sold new in San Diego, lived briefly in Las Vegas, then in La Jolla, until it ended up in Los Olivos, near Michael Jackson's famous Neverland ranch.

When the owner, a German lady, sold her home in Los Olivos to be more flexible and spend more time in her newly purchased home on the island Sylt, she decided to part with her longtime companion. We bought it from her in the Danish town of Solvang.

Badges, none of which say Fiat.

The car comes with 3 binders full of service documents, chronologically sorted and protected by clear sheet protectors. In addition, there's a handwritten logbook, containing 16 pages of service notes. Incredible!

Furthermore, there are numerous manuals that also come with the car.

California vanity plate refers to the owner's initials and birth year. Both plates come with the car.

There are two sets of keys.

Above: overview body

The fuel-injected, DOHC 2-liter 4-cylinder runs like a champ. There are no fluid leaks of any kind.

Less than 6K miles ago the car received a new clutch. Other documents show that the transmission synchros of gears 1, 2, and 4 were replaced, and the timing belt was changed.

Factory 14" alloy wheels.

Black canvas convertible top is in excellent condition.

Tonneau cover is brand new, purchased and installed by us.

Right door panel has a flaw in the lower rear corner.

Beautiful NARDI wood steering wheel is a nice upgrade and adds a touch of Italian vintage flair.

Seats are flawless.

Sunvisors are flawless as well.

All the lights work, or course.

Trunk carries the carpet-covered cardboard panels.

Date-coded spare is unused.

Trunk floor is perfect.

The undercarriage is as healthy as it gets, with not even a hint of corrosion to find anywhere.

The car starts, runs, drives, and handles perfectly.

The exhaust note sounds heavenly, very much like a vintage Alfa Romeo, which is no suprise given that both cars share a similar engine construction.

Piloting a 1984 Piinfarina Spider is not much different from driving a 1960s Fiat Spider, which we condider to be a desirable trait.

All the gauges, lights, and switches work.

La Dolce Vita for relatively little money.

Thank you for your interest!

We sold this Pinifarina Spider in January of 2023 to a customer in Pennsylvania.

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