Fully Documented, 1-Owner

1972 Datsun 240Z

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Twenty years ago, a pre-1974 Porsche 911 was the sports car everybody was lusting after.

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Back in the day, a substantial part of our inventor was early Porsche 911s, which at the time cost in the low $30Ks. Prices for these cars have more than doubled since, and the next generation of car enthusiasts can not only afford those cars anymore, but has developed their own preference on what classic sports cars are worth owning.

The Datsun 240Z is very high on that list. Nice examples can still be had for high $20Ks, while exceptional ones often sell for twice as much and the best of the best have reached a ceiling of $145K and $165K. The highest price ever paid for a 240Z is $310,000.

The 1972 Datsun 240Z presented here is a super nice example, worthy of a collection. It is a fully documented 1-owner California blue license plate car that never had any rust or accident damage.

VIN *HLS30-62937* was manufactured in January of 1972.

A 1-1/2 inch thick binder full of documents, chronologically sorted in plastic sheet protectors tells this Z's story.

In addition to the aforementioned service receipts, there are original factory booklets, brochures, an old photo showing the car with older wheels, and a multitude of other goodies.

Most exciting, the car comes with the original window sticker, which shows that it was sold new in San Luis Obispo with a sticker price of $4,215.65

In 1986, the car was parked and since the registration could not be renewed without a new Smog Certificate, it was declared NON-op status with the California DMV, where it would remain for the next 73 years!

All factory and aftermarket stickers are still on the car.

The owner, a gentleman from Laguna Hills, kept the car all his life. In the 1986 he fell ill and could no longer enjoy the car. It was parked in his garage where it remained until late 2019 when we got the opportunity to purchase it from him.

The 5-digit odometer shows 05,582 miles. The service receipts establish that the original mileage of the car is 105,582.

Today, the car presents itself bone stock, except for the following items:

  1. 5-speed transmission, not available on US 240Z cars
  2. Wilwood brakes all around, with 12.18" diameter vented rotors and Wilwood Superlite II calipers up front, and 11.40" vented rotors and Wilwood Dynalite II calipers in the back, accompanied by stainless steel brake lines and an adjustable proportioning valve.
  3. 15" Panasport wheels, with polished lip and new tires all around.

Since the car had been hibernating for almost a quarter century when we got it, we went through all the systems and components with a fine comb at our own pace. The fuel tank was refurbished, all lines cleaned out, a new fuel pump installed, all new tune-up parts including a new stock points distributor which we bought at a ransom from The Maserati Compound.
The carburetors were rebuilt by Pacific Carburetor Co. to the tune of $500 (receipt included). We installed a new radiator and new radiator hoses, and rebuilt the brakes. In addition we installed a new differential carrier mount, a new battery, and a new starter.

The Panasport wheels were bought in August of 2007, after the car was already out of service. For all practical purposes, they are brand new.

Since the tires had 2007 date codes, we splurged on a new set of Yokohamas in the size 215/60-15. They are not even broken in.

When we received the car, it featured all of its factory paint, but roof and hood had faded, and since our painter advised us that matching 48 year-old paint was almost impossible, we had the entire exterior repainted in the correct color 114. The remaining paint, all of the engine compartment including the hood inside, all of the door jambs, the trunk area, and the undercarriage are still original dating back to 1972.

Late in 2020, after we got the car back from the painter, we installed a newly rechromed front bumper, a new windshield, all new weatherstripping, and miscellaneous new small items, such as badges.

The result is now a 51 year-old 240Z that is simply stunning!

The matching numbers engine runs like a champ. Detail imagines below show how clean it is!

Compression readings, taken when cold, indicate a healthy engine.

Let's look inside now . . .

Door panels are original and in good condition, save for a small rip in the lower right corner of the right panel (see last photo).

Cockpit is all stock and in excellent condition.

Everything works as it should, including the radio.

Original headliner and surrounds as well as both sunvisors are still original and show no damage at all.

Front seats have received new seat covers in the original color and materials.

Carpeting is new as well.
Following; detail shots of the interior . . .

Let's move on to the trunk.

One of the Achilles' heels of the 240Z is the area around the rear hatch, which often shows signs of corrosion. Here it is in very nice, totally rust free condition.

The following photos show details of the trunk compartment . . .

Original spare, tire, valve caps, and details that show reference quality.

But the best of all is the undercarriage!

It shows all factory original finishes, without any spray can artistry of any kind!

Most 240Z have been dipped into black goo; not so this one!

Above photos showing details of the original undercarriage.

This Z starts, runs, and drives perfectly.

If you've been looking for a keeper-quality 240Z, you can't go wrong with this one.

A 1-owner California car, fully documented since day 1, with reference quality undercarriage, blue California license plates, and fully sorted, how can you top this?

Thank you for your interest!

We sold this Datsun 240Z in September of 2023 to an enthusiast from Minnesota, who picked it up in person and drove it 2,000 miles home!

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