Amazing Garage Find:

1970 Mercury Cyclone
Spoiler 429SCJ!

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One of the rarest specimen to emerge from the classic 1965-1971 Muscle Car period, encountering a genuine Mercury Cyclone Spoiler today is certain to raise the heartbeat of every FoMoCo aficionado.

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The particular car presented here is one of just 341 Cyclone Spoilers factory-ordered with the 429 Super Cobra Jet engine and the Drag Pak!

Sold new on April 21st, 1970 at Valley Motor Co in Price, UT, the car was driven about 40k miles in its first nine years and then sold to a gentleman from Santa Barbara, Calif., where it spent the next 39 years, accumulating another 12K miles. Actually, the big Merc was garaged, undriven, but in running condtion for the past two decades, until we unearthed it earlier in 2018. It's the proverbial survivor, largely untouched, numbers matching, featuring low, actual miles.

Amazingly, from the original invoice to the owner's warranty cards, the books and manuals as well as numerous invoices for parts and servicing, this Cyclone Spoiler is as well-documented as it is good-looking.

A Deluxe Marti report accompanies the car. It confirms our research and adds valuable information. This Spoiler is guaranteed to be one of the 341 "top dog" SCJ/Drag Pak cars manufactured!

Hard to find originals: owner's manual in flawles condition and BOTH warranty cards!

Original invoice shows standard and optional equipment. The ultra-desirable, $92.00 Drag Pak option not only added a 3.91:1 ratio to the 9-inch traction lok differential but also an engine oil cooler, a beefier 4-bolt-main engine block with forged pistons, solid lifters, and a better-flowing intake manifold with a big Holley carburetor on top. Officially, all this was good for a 5hp increase over the standard 370-horse 429. Yeah, right - experts estimate the real horsepower of the Drag Pack equipped Spoiler at around 425-430 ponies. Wow!
Other desirable, extra-cost options on this particular Cyclone include power steering and hidden headlamps -- the mighty Ford toploader 4-speed manual transmission with HURST shift handle was equipped straight from the factory.
Also on the invoice appeared a $2.53 charge - for 8 gallons of gas. Aah, the good old days of unlimited two-lane blacktop fun!

Mean-looking Cyclone sports a big NasCar-type front air dam. Its coffin nose incorporates a dead-center gunsight flanked by vacuum-operated, hidden headlights.

Under the Ram Air hood resides the stout 429 Super Cobra Jet engine. Yes, we checked: it is the original, matching numbers unit installed at the factory. We've performed a full service, replaced starter, starter solenoid and freeze plugs and went through the fuel delivery system. Now, this torque monster starts and runs like new!

Original engine tags were removed for safekeeping and are included!

Engine bay oozes originality, down to the factory valve covers.

Very clean underneath. First owner installed a set of exhaust headers and replaced the bellhousing with a NHRA approved unit.

Cyclone looks resplendent finished in its original Competition Blue with white vinyl roof.

Car is arrow-straight, with no body damage to note. It features the factory "Cyclone Spoiler" graphics and correct rear wing.

There's no rust bubbling to mar the Levant grain top.

Inside, the white headliner and sun visors look equally impressive. Note working dome light. In fact, all lights on this fine Mercury are in working order.

Very spacious cockpit has been kept 100% stock, down to the big, three-spoke "Sport" steering wheel.

Full analog gauges include speedo, clock, fuel, oil pressure, temp, ammeter and large tachometer.

Details show factory AM radio (it works!), glove box and clean door panels.

Virtually perfect front seats sporting their original white clarion knit upholstery.

Plenty of room for three adult passengers in the back.

Yep, it's a Spoiler!

Large trunk. Original trunk mat. Check out the vintage "Wide O Oval" spare tire.

Super clean and dry, everywhere.

Undercarriage presents itself in wonderful condition. There's no rust or accident damage. All of the original finishes are intact. It's very unsual to see a 48-year-old muscle car that's as well preserved as this one. As the saying goes, everyone can restore a car but they're original only once!

Monday, October 29th, was another sunny day in our little seaside paradise and we were excited to put the Spoiler through its paces while taking lots of pictures.

The car starts, idles, runs, drives, handles, and stops beautifully. Even at idle, it sounds full throated and menacing. We've taken a few videos on our trip and they relate a little of the unadulterated fun driving this 210-inch long behemoth.

It's hard to beat the feeling of being the master of 400-plus horses with a mere Hurst shifter.

Returning home, we are impressed by the fine road manners of the Cyclone which translate to great driveability, even on today's busy roads. The car did not miss a beat!

The Mercury division built 13,496 Cyclones in 1970. Of those, 1,631 were of the Spoiler variety. Only 341 Spoilers were fitted with the 429SCJ engine and Drag-Pak option.

Futhermore, Competition Blue is arguably the most iconic color for a Cyclone Spoiler. To find a numbers matching '70 that features all those rare options and has never been restored is definitely a very rare occurrence. Who knows, this very car might well be the last fully intact, unrestored example in captivity!

City driving


Driving on backroad


We sold this Cyclone Spoiler in December of 2018 to a gentleman in Northern California.

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