Matching Numbers California "S":

1970 Porsche 911S
2.2 Targa!

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Among the most collectible sports cars ever conceived, Porsche's extraordinary 2.2/2.4 liter 911"S" models are traded like a form of currency. Unlike volatile pesos or bitcoins, though, a '70 - '73 "S" will retain its value in the long run while providing the lucky owner miles upon miles of driving pleasure.

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The buy-in for one of these charismatic cars has been firmly in 6-figure territory for many years. A few over-the-top, freshly rotisserie-restored examples have traded hands in the $250,000.00 range. To find a matching numbers survivor from sunny California that has never needed a restoration is a special event.

The 1970 Porsche 911S 2.2 Targa prominently presented here is such a rare survivor. Sold brand new in Southern California, almost half a century ago, the car is a dream find for the true 911 aficionado.

Entered into the Zuffenhausen works order ledger just before Christmas, on December 23, 1969, Production Number 110.2158 was finished on February 9, 1970 and assigned chassis # *9110310364*.

The Porsche factory build sheet -- the "KARDEX" -- confirms that it's a real 911"S", liveried in Signal Orange, with a black leatherette interior and blue-green tinted glass all around.

Let's now inspect this exceptional Nine-Eleven thoroughly, starting up front, with the trunk.
Fitted with a gray felt mat that's as clean as it looks austere, everything remains bone stock here.
Note the set of beautiful, through-the-grille fog lights.

The good news continue upon removing the trunk mat: the vulnerable "nose" section is as clean as they come, withouth any signs of corrosion or prior accident damage.

Note details such as plastic washer bottle, bakelite fuse panel with silver cardboard cover, and dual 12-Volt batteries. The spare is a genuine 6Jx15 FUCHS, preferred fitment for the 2.2 and quite valuable today.

This is where the California provenance really makes a difference as pre-1976 Porsches are very susceptible to being attacked by corrosion. The merciless rust devil can hide anywhere, in small crevices and even underneath the flexible, factory-applied PVC undercoating.

The only way to avoid serious problems is to purchase a 911 that has always been sheltered from inclement weather and presents itself with virginal floor pans and zero rust, just like this fine example that was kept in a Long Beach, Calif. garage for the last 40 years.

Turning our attention to the car's exterior, we are impressed by its excellent door and hood gaps ("shut lines") and the arrow straight coachwork. Even the OG steel "S" front spoiler is present. Brightwork -- including the wide "S" deco trim -- and weatherstripping remain in excellent condition throughout.

Targa top appears original and very nice.
It has been said frequently that Targa values might surpass the Coupe's just because the removable top is such a nice feature to have, especially with that amazing noise of the 2.2 at speed floating into the cockpit . . .

What would an early 911 be without a set of the iconic FUCHS light alloy wheels? This one proudly wears its valuable, original, unrestored, clear anodized, date coded 6Jx15 "Deep Sixes," shod with brand new German VREDESTEIN Sprint Classic radial blackwall tires of the correct 185/70R 15 size all around.

Finished -- as per Kardex -- in the very desirable Sicherheitsfarbe ("Safety Color") of Signal Orange (factory code #1410-L), the paint is smooth and wonderfully glossy. Apart from a small area of inpainting on the right rear fender, there aren't any blems worth mentioning. There are no dings, dents, bubbles, scrapes, or scratches anywhere. Surveying an early 911 boasting such a rare, period-correct livery is a retinal delight of the highest magnitude!

A few detail shots for your perusal. This fine, unrestored 911S was always well-kept and lovingly maintained.

Classic Porsche cockpit appears all stock and features its immaculate, un-cracked, original dash.

Equally well-preserved 1970 steering wheel and immaculate, original horn button.

The vaunted "S" gauges are all in excellent condition. Odometer shows 59,348 miles, believed to be the car's actual mileage.

Period Blaupunkt cassette radio with auto reverse; flawless rear shifter linkage cover.

The car's second owner -- since 1979 -- fitted this amazing set of German SCHEEL sport seats.

The sport seats are upholstered in black leatherette with black-and-white houndstooth center sections. They are the ultimate in 1970s street-and-track style, and they are functional as well, as you'll appreciate the extra supportive hold and firmness.

Occasional rear seats can turn any 911 into a veritable 2+2 Grand Touring car -- that is, if you are supremely limber or a small dog. Just like the remainder of the cockpit, the rear area presents super clean.

Sexy tail of the early, narrow body 911S. Note the authentic blue-and-gold California license plate.

Yes, you're looking at a rare beast: the mechanically fuel-injected, 180hp, 2.2-liter six. This engine features matching numbers and runs perfect. 5-speed transaxle has matching numbers as well.

Naturally, the proper care and feeding of such a thoroughbred stallion is of utmost importance. Within the past few months, under the supervision of Porsche Guru Jason of RS Enterprises in Ventura, the fuel system was completely gone through, including tank and sending unit, rebuilt fuel pump, all new fuel lines, rebuilt cold start valve, and all new bushings. Engine starts and idles like new and the hand throttle works, too.

Details . . .

This "S" also received a completely rebuilt pedal cluster (boy, what a difference that made!), new clutch and pressure plate and a few other goodies like a new muffler, new oil hoses, new sound pad and rear tin seal.
We've spent about $7,500.00 on mechanical labor and parts alone, with excellent results. The car is pure joy on the open road!

Monday, July 22nd, was another fine summer day in our little fishing village of San Buenaventura, perfectly suited for a spirited drive in the 911S.

Just turn the key and the big boxer comes to life, running strong. You allow the oil to get warmed up, push in the clutch, and grab the small, black plastic shift knob. Move your hand to the left and down into first, race-car-like, and lift the clutch for a smooth take-off. To exercise the race-derived type 901 manual 5-speed transmission is a gratifying experience.

The new-for-1970, mechanically injected 2.2 liter "S" engine has plenty of power on tap. Especially above 4,000 rpm, the light car just flies! It might take some practice to keep the revs up, once mastered, it's very rewarding.

Test drive.

The amazing engine, the manly 5-speed transmission, the supple suspension with the narrow radial tires, California sunshine streaming through the open cockpit -- this 1970 911S Targa, one of only 729 such vehicles manufactured, is a true, no nonsense driving machine. Yes, it has a radio, but we'd never use it.

Just a few weeks after we had recommissioned our "S", it was leased by a German commercial film director to star in a short movie, alongside playmate Jenny Watwood. The result, "Endless Me," can be viewed below.

We sold this Porsche 911S in August of 2019 to Porsche collector.

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