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Fiberfab Jamaican
400 c.i. Chevrolet V8

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The 1960s was one of the greatest decades in automobile history.

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Without government mandates in regard to safety and emissions, manufacturers had the freedom to create some truly remarkable automobiles. It also allowed some small manufacturers to let their imagination run wild with lightweight body kits designed to be mounted on existing chassis.

One of the major players of the 1960s was Fiberfab, located in Santa Clara, California. Fiberfab offered the the Runabout, a dune buggy, the GT12, styled after the Ford GT40, and -- new for 1968 -- the Jamaican, a car styled after the Italia and Intermeccanica.

The Jamaican used the rolling chassis and drivetrain of the Austin-Healey, the "Big Healey." Back in the late Sixties and early Seventies, old Healeys were cheap donor cars. How times have changed!

We truly believe that the 1968 Fiberfab Jamaican presented here must be one of the coolest cars of its kind in existence.

Car number *M213216* is built on the chassis of a 1961 Austin Healey MkII BN7, and licensed as such in the State of California.

The car comes with a clear and clean California Certificate of Title, and some original Fiberfab documents.

Furthermore there's a printed out e-mail correspondence with Chris Beebe, the very man who designed the Jamaican. The Datsun 240Z's design connection to the Jamaican is a highly interesting historical fact.

Also included, a button and patch from the 1976 ISCA Nationals.


The front-hinged, steel-bar enforced, fiberglass hood opens wide, like that of a Jaguar E-Type. It is held up by two strong hydraulic struts.

Motorvation comes from a 400c.i. Chevrolet Small Block V8 engine, coupled to a bullet-proof GM400TH transmission.

The engine features an Edelbrock carburetor, an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, and custom performance headers.

The engine starts on the button and runs superbly, without any ill behavior. There are no fluid leaks of any kind to report.

The Jamaican features a sexy, slippery, very low drag body that can hold a candle to any sports car Italy had to offer back in the day.

Wheels and Tires:

Jamaican rides on polished 15x7 ANSEN alloys.

We've just fitted a fresh set of 4 new 225/60-HR 15 radial tires.

Side pipes and aluminum covers as well at the gas cap with engraved escutcheon were custom-fabricated for this very car.
The wild paint job is a true piece of contemporary art, irreplaceable today, unless one has very deep pockets and even better connections, as custom painters of this caliber are virtually extinct.


Jamaican is a true 2-seater with a spartan sports car interior.

Well preserved black vinyl door panels, roll up side windows.

Flawless black vinyl headliner and surrounds.

Grant Sport steering wheel.

Brand new black carpeting throughout.

Hand-made aluminum gauge cluster features engine-turned fascia and 6 period-correct Stewart-Warner gauges.

Both front bucket seats are new.

Lap safety belts with anchors are new as well.

Spacious rear storage area is nicely carpeted.

This Jamaican features a set of very expensive, original 1968 Dodge Charger tail lights!

Undercarriage supports our finding that this has been a California car from new.

Original floors are clean and dry as well.

When new, this car was marketed to those who'd love have owned a - then new - Lamborghini Miura but couldn't afford one.

Today, more than half a Century later, we like to compare the Jamaican to an Italia, an Intermeccanica, a Bitter CD, perhaps a Jensen Interceptor, all of which are hybrids made in small numbers.

We don't think you'll be able to find any Jamaican that can compare with this one.

Not only is it V8-powered, but it also has many one-off features that make it unique.

Now add to all this a paintjob that would probably cost $25,000 to duplicate, and you'll come to realize what a special opportunity this car presents.

Thank you for your interest!

Here is a 9:04 minute video of the car.

We sold this Fiberfab Jamaican in March of 2023 to a customer in Canada.

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