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1967 Cadillac deVille Convertible!

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The 1967 Cadillac deVille is one of the finest American convertibles built during the 1960s. Build quality was very high, convenience options plentiful, the performance astounding. Extremely popular with the country club set, the car's design, of timeless elegance, nevertheless conveyed prosperity and wealth.

50 years later, finding an unmolested deVille that spent all its life pampered by the benevolent California climate, thusly escaping the dreaded rust demon, is no small feat. Unearthing a one-owner specimen still wearing its original black-and-gold California license plates issued to the car when new -- that's virtually impossible.
Here's such a rare car, though. If you're intrigued, read on.

Purchased brand new on May 6th, 1967 at Hillcrest Motor Co. on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, the car was a belated 40th birthday gift to Helen, wife of Mr. Parks, well-respected proprietor of the J & R Film company that has been providing camera equipment to Hollywood movie studios for almost 100 years.
According to the original invoice (not a copy!) that miraculously survived, Mr. Parks paid exactly $6,317.00 for the majestic convertible -- after he wrangled a $1,000.00 disount from the salesman.
Beyond Group 1, which included AM/FM Stereo, WW tires, Soft Ray tinted glass, 6-way power seat, dor-gards, and A/C, the Caddy came factory-equipped with adjustable steering wheel, power door locks, and twilight sentinel. The Cadillac dealer added underseal, Blue Coral paint protection, floor mats, registration holder, curb feelers and a spare tire cover, at no extra charge.

Befitting a well-cared-for, one-owner car, the Caddy retains its full set of factory books and manuals in the glove box, including:

  • "Cadillac" embossed, blue vinyl folder
  • Owner's manual
  • Owner Protection Plan
  • Protect-o-Plate
  • Warranty card
  • Convertible top operation manual
  • Cadillac accessories brochure

Also present are the old-style, small California "pink slip" (title), lots of past registrations, and several maintenance invoices. A feast for the collector!

Engine compartment looks clean and well-maintained. The big Cadillac V8 displays 429 cubic inches -- 7 litres - for 1967 and produces 340 real American horses. This engine runs as smooth as you would expect it from a Cadillac!

Looking splendid it its factory color #22819, Doeskin poly (metallic) -- which is a rich shade of Sandalwood -- the Cad is ready to be shown with pride. There's no rust, no dings or dents, bubbles or scrapes. Though older, the finish still has a very good shine. A few weatherstripping bits are a tad dry, and there's some light wear/age to some of the chrome trim, but most of the brightwork is in excellent condition, aided by the fact that this West Coast Cadillac was garaged for 50 years in Pasadena, away from the salty ocean air. As a matter of fact, we awakened the big convertible from a 25-year hibernation on cinder blocks, as it had been parked in 1988, due to the advancing age of its owners.

After a thorough mechanical check and tune-up, this '67 deVille runs and drives perfectly. Note original full wheel discs and narrow-whitewall tires.

Cockpit presents itself in excellently preserved condition. Gauges, lights and radio work, as do the power windows, power seat, power top, and even the power door locks! We have no need for A/C here in perennially mild and sunny Ventura; we assume that the system -- which looks intact -- needs a good service/upgrade to R134a refrigerant to be functional.

Another highlight are the front seats. Since the original leather was showing some wear, we sent a sample to the specialists from SMS in Oregon. Many moons later, we received a large hide of the finest, correctly perforated, Antique Saddle leather and a bolt of matching vinyl. Martin of Gold Coast Upholstery here in town then applied his magic and restored the seat to "as new" condition. We left the back bench alone as it still looks very nice, but there's enough leather to re-do it, should it become necessary over time. Needless to say, we spent big bucks -- over $2,000.00 -- on this endeavor, but it was well worth it!

Rear seat, carpet, door and kick panels are all original and in excellent condition.

Beautiful rear view of the big '67. Note excellent bumper chrome and "as new" pinpoint grain convertible top with perfect glass rear window. This Cadillac is accident free!

Huge trunk features all original finishes in wonderful condition. Factory jacking equipment is included, of course.

Not a speck of rust hiding below the trunk mat. Our Cadillac has never left California!

DeVille's undercarriage is as good as it gets. This is what a dry, unmolested 50 year-old California Caddy should look like: 100% rust free, baby! Reviving the car after the long storage included changing all fluids and rebuilding the fuel system, including the carburetor, and installation of a new fuel tank and fuel lines as needed.

Consequently, the Convertible is ready for cruising, be it around town, or on the open highway.

On September 1st, when we took these photos, we had a lot of fun. A Mid-Sixties Cadillac truly makes you feel like a swan gliding upon a crystal-clear, calm lake.

There are no shakes, rattles or shimmies. It's one solid hunk of American steel, glass, chrome and leather.

Returning home, we mourn the fact that our garage is too full to keep the Cadillac around, as it's such an excellently driving, gorgeous-looking vehicle. We'd always keep the top down -- by the way, there are half and full tonneau covers included -- and drive it every day.


We sold this Cadillac in September of 2017.

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