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1964 Porsche 356C Coupe!

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Professor Porsche's Modell 356 is among the World's most desirable classic sports cars, combining genius of design with driving pleasure unequalled by any other car on the road.

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Steadily refined during 16 years of manufacture, the 356's final incarnation, the fabulous "C" model of 1964-'65 with four-wheel disc brakes delivers contemporary motoring abilities to the most discriminating connoisseur. Here's a classic car that you can drive on a daily basis!

The 1964 Porsche 356C Coupe presented here is special indeed.

VIN *216977* was manufactured in late January or early February of 1964. It has been with the original owner's family ever since and has been a cover car for the Porsche Club of America's PCOA magazine in March of 1999.

The car is "numbers matching," meaning it is still powered by the original engine it was born with.

This Porsche comes with extensive documentation such as an owner's manual, a folder containing 59 chronological ordered service documents, multiple keys, original photos, original black license plate, 3 original magazines in which it was covered, and much more.

Most important, however, is this car's provenance and life story.
The car was picked up by the original owner straight at the Porsche factory in Germany in spring of 1964. He and his wife then took their new Porsche on an extensive vacation throughout Europe before they had the car shipped to their home in Southern California. The couple liked the car so much that they ordered a second 356C, this time a white sunroof Coupe, for the wife.

When the original owner passed in 1972, step-daughter Helen took possession of it. She initially used it as a daily driver to commute to college. In the late 1970s, Helen got married and eventually had 7 children, at which point a station wagon took over daily driving duties and the Porsche became a weekend toy. In 1988 Helen's offically became the "owner" of her car.

In 1987 Helen had the engine rebuilt and in November of 1988 she joined the Porsche Club of America. In 1991, the entire car received a sympathetic restoration and was driven very sparingly, mostly to club events and the occasional Sunday drive. In March of 1999, with about 5K miles on the clock, her Porsche became the magazine cover car. Two original magazines are included with the documents. In November of 2008, Helen received a Porsche Club of America Citation in recognition of 20 years of membership, which is included as well.
In 2018 Helen passed away, and her oldest son inherited the car. He is now approaching retirement himself, wants to travel, which created this unique opportunity of this car being offered to a new caretaker.

Back in 1964, the car was registered to the California black plate *OMK 400*. When Helen took over the car, her husband surprised her with the blue vanity plate containing her initials. The car was licensed with *HHC 6* until her son got the car. Since he didn't want to drive his mom's car with "her" plate, he picked *STRUUDL* as a substitute. The original black plate and both STRUUDL plates come with the car.

This Porsche comes with a clean California title. It is currently licensed and registered until October of 2021. The car needs nothing and can be driven home, across the country if that's where you live.

Fully documented, total mileage since restoration 30 years ago is 9,632.

Service sticker in driver's side door jamb shows mileage of 7,713 at May 11, 2006.

Just in November of 2020, at 9,541 miles, the owner spent $4,000.49 at Porsche specialist RS Enterprises in Ventura to go through the entire car and address all issues. Mileage now is 9,632, the total miles the car has been driven in the past 30 years.

Let's now inspect the car in detail, starting up front with the trunk.
This Porsche's trunk is as clean as it gets. The original hard-plastic trunk liner is undamaged.

Apart from the date-coded spare in the trunk, the 356 comes with the correct BILSTEIN tire jack and its original tool kit, which is in fabulous condition throughout.

Close inspection of the front sheetmetal does not reveal any prior damage. The largely unprotected "nose"--spare tire and battery's residence -- is free of corrosion.

Of utmost importance on any vintage car, but particularly on the vulnerable unibody Porsche 356, is the integrity of its body. Determining factors are straightness, uniform gaps and shut lines, and absence of rust. Our California "C" Coupe fares exceedingly well in all areas. It's perfectly rust free and solid as a rock.

This amazing survivor's finish is still smooth and lustrous without any scratches, bubbles, rock chips, or other imperfections to report. It looks like it's 3, not 30+ years old.

Chrome wheels and hubcaps are very nice, tires are near new condition.

Moving to the interior, we discover an excellent, perforated headliner, nice sun visors, and working interior lights, all which appear to be original.

The cockpit impresses with unmolested originality. From the large, three-spoke steering wheel, to the chrome-bezelled gauges, black knobs . . . everything looks original and fresh.

All of the gauges, idiot lights and lamps work, as does the horn.

BLAUPUNKT AM/FM radio appears original. Clock only shows the correct time twice a day.

Front seats are in fabulous condition throughout. They have been redone in 1991.
Note the well-preserved Coco floor mats, purchased 20 years ago.

Rear area with individually folding occasional seats looks inviting and unused.

Ready for a test drive?
So are we! Before we take off, there are two more important areas to inspect, though: engine compartment and undercarriage.

Beneath the twin grille deck lid lives the original, matching numbers, 4-cylinder boxer motor, # P *712 275* . This engineering marvel delivers 88 (SAE) horses, 75HP DIN, plenty of get up and go for such a lightweight (2,100 lbs.) and aerodynamic Sports Coupe. The engine has been rebuilt back in 1987 and runs perfectly, with a super sweet, low rev bubble at idle and a crisp throttle response.

There are no leaks of any kind.

The undercarriage is as original as they come, with zero rust, dents, or other issues to report. We resisted the temptation to touch anything here.

Original floors pans are solid without as much as a dent. Both longitudinals are untouched and simply perfect.

Detail photos of the undercarriage speak volumes about this California car's structural condition.

Thankfully, winter in Southern California usually still provides great weather for driving a classic car that you don't want to get wet.

Driving this exhilarating Porsche will really elevate your heartbeat!
356 always starts easily, without huffing and puffing. Throttle response is crisp, the engine sounding great as it revs to redline, abundant power signaling a thoroughly healthy motor.

The four-speed manual transmission is easy to shift and the newly rebuilt four-wheel disc brakes deliver the ultimate in stopping power, on par with an early 911. No wonder the "C" is King of the Hill among the early Porsches!

Finding an exceptional Porsche 356 for sale has become quite difficult lately. Finding one that has spent all its life in the benevolent California climate and under the care of 3 generations of a single family is like winning the lottery.

Opportunity calls; are you ready to answer?

We sold this fabulous Porsche in early 2021 to an enthusiast in upstate New York.

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