Owned for 32 Years:

1959 Cadillac
Coupe de Ville!

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For two decades following WWII, GM's Cadillac Motor Car Division was riding high as the World's premier manufacturer of eminently stylish luxury automobiles, rightfully called "Standard of the World." Within this time period, the 1950s brought about a completely re-styled range of models proudly billed masterpieces of motordom in styling and performance, culminating with the flamboyant 1959 Cadillacs, the biggest and boldest Detroit offerings ever.

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Today's classic car enthusiasts celebrate 1959 as the pinnacle of tail-finned, chrome-bedecked land yachts, and the 1959 Cadillacs with their rocket-like styling forever epitomize this era of exuberant excess.

Almost 60 years after they first hit the highways, excellent survivors of the tailfin years -- cars that were able to escape the ravages of time unharmed, never needing restoration -- are almost impossible to find, even in sunny Southern California.
Here's one such survivor, a local car that has been owned for the past 36 years by an actor/screenwriter who lived in the Hollywood Hills and for the past decade in the Ojai Valley. It's still registered to its original black and yellow California license plates.
Let's check it out!

Clean engine compartment houses Cadillac's 390 cu.in. power plant, rated at a whopping 325 horsepower. Everything looks factory stock and original. Standard power equipment includes power steering, power brakes, and the Hydra-Matic automatic transmission. We've replaced the fuel pump with an O.E.M. unit, and had the carburetor professionally rebuilt at Pacific Carburetors. The big block now runs like the proverbial watch, with all the oomph needed to smoothly propel the 5,000-pound behemoth to freeway speeds and beyond. There are no ill manners at all, such as overheating, oil drinking, dripping, slipping, clunking, or smoking, to report.

Turning our attention to the car's exterior, we are convinced that this car has never been in an accident. This Cadillac displays straight flanks, without wrinkles or ripples in sight. All the stainless and chrome brightwork is in good to very good condition, with just minor, age related pitting to report.

A black car from the factory (color code 10 "Ebony"), this land yacht has been repainted once, many moons ago. The old paint displays a period-correct luster, more than sufficient for a "driver." Black wall radials compliment the all-black theme well. Let's have a look inside!

Cadillac's design splendor continues inside the cockpit with lots of brightwork and a padded dash. The deeply-recessed, fully chromed instrument cluster with symetrically arranged gauges and controls scores exceedingly well compared to the bland offerings of 21st century design school graduates. There is not a single piece of black plastic in sight on a '59 Cadillac. Caddy's large, two-tone steering wheel with chromed horn ring is in great condition, and even the factory radio is still hooked up! In 1959, a Cadillac was king-of-the-hill, and it has never been dethroned.

Optional six-way power front bench seat with comfy center arm rest has been recovered in black naugahide, decades ago. Aside from one longitudinal rip along a seam on the driver's side, it's flawless.

Incredibly well preserved rear bench with foldable center arm rest has also been recovered. It's flawless throughout.

Impressive rear treatment with simulated jet exhaust ports topped by sky-high fins indulges in taking the jet/rocket theme to the extreme.

Cavernous luggage compartment is still dressed in its correct cloth lining.

Trunk floor is totally original and undisturbed and 100% corrosion free.

If you've always fantasized about finding the ultimate California Cadillac, here it is! Its dry bottom looks to be rust free and displays that mellow patina of pampered, garaged cars that have spent all their lives in the mild Southern California climate.

Floors are "au natural."

August 18 provided us with another perfect opportunity to take the black rocketship for a drive and take these photos. With blue skies over Ventura, we took our place behind the wheel and headed for the hills, right into the plush Hobson Heights neighborhood.

The big Cad starts easily, idles silently, runs super strong, shifts smoothly, brakes surprisingly well, and floats over any surface like . . well, like a Cadillac! You just have to watch out for amazed motorists who tend to lose concentration because they're busy training their phone cameras on you when the rocket ship passes them! Expect to receive constant "thumbs up" wherever you go.

Though almost 225 inches long, the Caddy can be guided with one finger on the wheel, even at freeway speeds. You ride tall, which enables you to see all four corners of the car for ease of parallel parking. The dual exhaust emits a lusty, but not intrusive, burble, and the power windows operate smoothly.

Looking back over the past hundred years of automobile history, there are two pronounced eras of ostentatiousness and abundant display of wealth: the early-to-mid 1930s and the late 1950s. Naturally, the best surviving luxury cars from those years will continue to be highly sought after, continue to appreciate in value, and continue to draw crowds wherever they appear.

With its outrageous, rocket-inspired styling and powerful engine, this fantastic '59 Cadillac Coupe from sunny California is a bona fide collectible that will instill pride and bring joy to whomever is fortunate enough to become its next caretaker.

Priced very competitively, yet ready to be enjoyed right away and to be driven across the country, if that's where you live, this Fifty-Nine presents a rare opportunity for the enthusiast. Will that be you?

We sold this unique Cadillac in October of 2018 to a customer in Sweden.

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