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1927 Ford Model T Runabout
Highboy Roadster!

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The Ford Model T changed the world. 15 Million were built from 1903 to 1927, at one time accounting for half of all cars on the planet.

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By the mid-1920s, a plethora of accessories and go-fast parts could be ordered straight from the Sears-Roebuck catalogue or bought locally. Many of the light-weight Runabouts - also called Roadsters - were modified by young enthusiasts with the obvious goal of gaining extra speed. All over the country, dirt tracks were created to allow for competition, in Southern California during the late 1920s, speed-hungry youth began trekking to the local Dry Lakes for unsanctioned side-by-side top speed racing.

This particular '27 Roadster presents as one of the finest examples of the breed in existence. A fenderless "Highboy", it has not only been meticulously restored from the ground up but was also fitted with virtually every go-fast part and accessory known to man in the late 1920s.

Antique Stewart Warner speedometer/odometer combination gauge with Nickel-plated bezel shows 20,778 miles. Everything works on this car!

Power comes from the original, matching numbers, 177 cu in (2.9 L) side-valve, reverse-flow head, inline 4-cylinder, fitted with a high-compression, aluminum "Z" head, which allows the use of 5/16th over block high pistons, almost doubling factory hp.

Engine also features vastly impoved ignition - cleverly hidden inside a super rare, belt-drive DIXIE magneto - and free-flowing exhaust headers. It runs and sounds fantastic!

No detail was overlooked in presenting the engine bay as it might have appeared on a full-race "T" in the late 1920s. Note liberal use of polished brass.

It might be safe to say that this show-detailed engine compartment will stop even the most jaded Model T enthusiasts in their tracks.

With the canvas top erected, the T turns into an all-weather Runabout. Car's body is all genuine Ford steel, completely rust free, and received a bare-metal repaint in the attractive Brewster Green, a period Ford color. It's one of the 90,583 Roadsters made by Henry Ford in 1927, the final year of production. Amazingly, the engine number matches the build year!

Tan canvas folding top is new and features a black powder-coated frame and glass rear window with chrome trim.

These 21", straw-colored steel wire wheels were only available in 1926 and 1927 and feature UNIVERSAL balloon tires, allowing for lower tire pressure and giving a much improved, more comfortable ride.

Matching spare is secured by a neat knock-off. Note brass MICHELIN quick-release valve stems, another rare period accessory.

Plenty of exciting details to feast your eyes on:

Lovingly restored, featuring original parts such as its neat folding windscreen and enhanced with the finest period accessories, this Highboy represents a top-notch 1920s "Hot Rod" (they actually were called "gow-jobs" back then) only a very well-off youngster would have been able to afford.

With the top down, the High Boy becomes a wind-in-the-hair, quick and nimble sports car. It truly stands out in a sea of hacked-up "Speedsters," since it retains its original roadster body to this day.

Close-coupled seating for two to three adults. Stunning interior has been fully refinished with period materials, from the black rubber floor covering to the button-tufted naugahyde seat upholstery and matching door cards. Note accessory Ahooga horn and rearview mirror.

Doors open and close with perfect factory fit. Note rubber door seals, a thoughtful upgrade.

Accessory wooden steering wheel folds upward to allow ease of entry and exit.

This ain't no stock Model T dash!

Superb detailing includes extra instrumentation, including a rare COOPER gas gauge, SIMPLEX choke, RUCKSTELL 2-speed axle, jeweled headlight switch and so much more.

These detailed pictures of the bench seat and its inner workings illustrate the level of restoration work that was applied here. Simply superb!

Rear view with top up. Note original, never repainted 1927 California license plate!

Roadster top folds perfectly flat.

Trunk compartment presents every bit as clean as car's exterior.

Battery box features its own accessory light. Neatness factor 100!

Since this is a frame-off, nut-and-bolt restoration, the underside is as clean and as detailed as the top.
The body was put on small wooden blocks and painted separately, even deep down under.

Back in the day, Ford bodies were simply dipped into bathtub filled with paint, then lifted, allowing the excess paint to drip back into the tub. That's the primary reason why customers could order a Ford Model T betweeen 1914 and 1925 in any color they wanted, as long as it was black.
Only in 1926 and 1927, the two years the "improved Ford" was built, other colors were offered, among them the Brewster Green color shown here.

Above photos showing details of the undercarriage.

Isn't she a beauty? Poised and ready to go!

From the wrapped exhaust pipe to the leather hood straps, no detail was overlooked in creating what's arguably the finest "T" Highboy in captivity.

"T" starts on the button, idles heavenly, runs and shifts with aplomb. Yes, the car can keep up with modern traffic; obviously, it'll feel most at home on scenic two-lane country roads. Then again, if you happen to live close to a Dry Lake bed . . .

We like it with the top up, too. Note exhaust cut-out.

Are you ready to rumble? Bernard certainly enjoys this "T" highboy! Easy enough, as it is the most stunning period "T" he's ever laid eyes on. Fair to say: this car would be impossible to duplicate. It's a fantastic conversation starter at any cars and coffee. It's a cruiser, it's a parade car, it's a centerpiece of a collection of Americana, rising to the level of historical artifact - and so much more.

Enjoy the 6:53 video of this car.

We sold this exceptional High Boy in June of 2023 to a collector from Montana.

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