Nazi Roots:

1976 Walther P1

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Introduced in 1938 to the troops of the Third Reich, the Walther P38 evolved into the P1 in late 1963.

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Now eqipped with an aluminum instead of a steel frame, it would stay in production until 2004.

When I served in the German MP in 1977 and 1978, it was my official side arm. Hence, when a P1 with a mid-1976 date-code came up for sale, I couldn't resist to buy it.

This one, number 977599 is 100% matching numbers, and in exceptionally well preserved original condition.

Many P1s have ugly import marks stamped into the right side of the slide. This has none of those. Instead, a very faint import mark from LSI in Reno, Nevada, is laser-engraved to the inside of the grip. If you don't know it's there, you may not ever notice it.

The gun has been a safe queen while under my stewardship. I resisted the urge to shoot it.

The P1 breaks easily apart into three main components: frame, slide, and barrel.

Clearly, this gun hasn't been used much at all. There are no signs of any wear evident.

The barrel is as new throughout, with factory hone marks clearly visible.

This exceptional Walther P1 sleeps in a custom-made gun sock on the bottom of a clothing drawer, turning this P1 into a great "go to" firearm at home.