A Living Legend:

1949 Colt Detective Special!

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Introduced in 1927, the Colt Detective Special is a true legend.

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It was built in 4 series over a period of 68 years.
The first series was built from 1927 until 1947, the second series from 1947 until 1972. The third series ran from 1973 until 1986, at which time it was discontinued.
Then, in 1993, a forth series was built for two years only, until 1995.

This Detective Special, Serial # *512991* was built in 1949, so it's an early Series 2 firearm. I bought it in 2012 for $850 right here in Southern California.

I took this gun out to shoot only once. I have put about 60 rounds through it, and it shoots beautifully, very stable, with very little recoil, certainly aided by its all steel construction and 20+ ounce weight. It is not even remotely as twitchi as a Smith & Wesson J-frame, which I also own.

The Colt wears its original finish, which has survived beautifully, with just miniscule signs of use and age. Considering that it's already 67 years old, I call its condition exceptional.

The Colt is a six-shooter, chambered in .38 Special. It is not +P rated, and I personally would not recommend using +P ammo in any old snubnose.

All the chambers look clean, indicating a pampered life.

Perfectly preserved finish on hammer and surrounding areas.

Perfectly preserved original grip.

Perfectly preserved underside.

I also purchased a vintage leather IWB holster for it, that matches the Colt perfectly.
A legend, indeed.